Thursday, August 2, 2012

VC Whisperer Thought #1 - It's Not The Size Of The Boat, But The Motion Of The Ocean

Motion is important. I see too many entrepreneurs focused solely on the "boat" - their product, their business, whatever problem is nagging at them in that moment. If it's a problem, they spend too much time thinking about it. If it's a product, they spend too much time perfecting it, designing it, and adding to it. They think that success depends on some specific output, or one specific result.

In reality, none of these things matter. The only thing that matters is motion. What I mean by that is that it's important to be doing something, and not so much what that something is. In a startup, you often never know where things will lead. But when you're out there, talking to people, doing things, releasing product, getting feedback...when you're moving...that's when good things happen. You talk to a guy, who knows another guy, who connects with a potential customer, who gives you great feedback, etc...

This is not only good advice for entrepreneurs, but for the thousands of bright people looking for work.

Don't stay still. 
Don't be paralyzed. 
Keep moving and good things will happen.

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