Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Patience is a Virtue - Long Wait Means Lots of New VC Whisperer Features

People often ask me:
"Paul, what happened to you in the last couple of months? We're dying for some news from the VC Whisperer!"

Based on the first phrase in the title of this post ("patience is a virtue"), many of you are probably expecting a post commenting on the recent economic downturn. It's true. Companies need to be more patient now, and plan for patience. But more on that in a future post...

Instead, I'd like to recap what has occupied my time in the last couple of months, and what changes are coming to the VC Whisperer:

  • The VC Whisperer is in fact my alter ego. My other side is a real VC. Praized Media ( is one of my portfolio companies. In the last couple of months, they have announced a couple of major features, that I think make the product that much more exciting. Here are some of them:
    • They've just launched a very cool service called Praized Answers ( It allows you to find the best places, by simply asking a question, and collects the answers from your community automatically. 
    • Praized also has an iPhone app that is currently in beta and nearing launch any day now. Stay tuned for that. Very cool stuff.
  • The VC Whisperer is launching a sister site - VC Places ( VC Places will serve as a local directory of places recommended by the VC Whisperer and by readers of the VC Whisperer. VC Places will focus on merchants that are appealing to VCs, entrepreneurs, and others in the global startup/business community. Go check out VC Places here and vote on your favorites! As entrepreneurs, VCs, and business people, let the VC Whisperer community know what your favorite places are. VC Places is powered by Praized.
Stay tuned for more posts from the VC Whisperer, more insight into the VC world and VC mind, more help for entrepreneurs, more commentary on VC deals, and favorites lists at VC Places. 

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