Saturday, May 24, 2008

Welcome to The VC Whisperer!

People often ask me:

Paul, who is the VC Whisperer?

I am the VC Whisperer - your front row seat to the world of venture capital. 

I will show you not only how to talk to VCs, but how to understand them. And most importantly, I will listen. Every post on The VC Whisperer, including this one, will be a direct response to a question brought forward by you, the reader. 

The VC Whisperer is also much larger than just a blog project. It is the first stage of my upcoming book project. So stay tuned for that as well, and send lots of questions and comments to the VC Whisperer.

The VC Whisperer is going to launch with some of the best posts from my old blog (slightly revamped), and brand new posts coming today and in the next few days.

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